Pastured Lamb (deposit)

Pastured Lamb (deposit)

Whole Lamb
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Grass-fed, organic, all-natural. Raised right, prime, delicious, nutritious and tasty lamb meat! This meat is from prime young wether lambs.

Put your deposit down to order your lamb today.

$5 a pound hanging carcass weight (40 lbs), $30 slaughter fee, $60-$65 flat processing fee (de-boning, cuts and packaging).

Processing is done by a professional butcher so you can decide on what cuts you want and special items etc..

You can also just get the carcass and cut it up yourself (this would exclude the $65 flat processing fee).

We can keep and package the organs per request and for an additional fee. We are flexible and happy to work with you so let us know what you need!


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