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Proper Handling of Raw Milk

Raw milk is delicious and nourishing. It is an amazing product that has many natural benefits.

However, because it is REAL Raw Milk, it can spoil if not taken care of properly so here are some simple guidelines to help you out:

  • (Cooler) PLEASE bring a cooler or type of carrying box with ice in it to the delivery location. This will help ensure that your milk stays cold and of the highest quality possible.
  • (Cold) Keep it in the fridge, ideally in the back where it is the coldest. Try not to let temperatures get over 40.
  • (Careful) Don't leave it sitting on your table. Put the lid back on and get it back in the fridge!
  • (Consume) Drink it as soon as possible. Raw milk should last at least a week in your fridge but the sooner you drink it the better, (because the MORE you drink the better!)
  • Enjoy!!
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  • If for some reason your products go bad please let us know and we can refund/replace it. We would also appreciate getting the milk back so we can test it.

Ordering in Glass

Our milk, cream and yogurt is available in glass and plastic. For those ordering in glass we have some simple instructions about our jar policy.

  • There is a first time deposit fee on each glass jar. After that we just swap out jars.
  • Buy enough jars for the quantity of milk you are getting (e.g. 1 gallon of milk=2 jars, 3 gallons of milk=6 jars) and the right size (e.g. 1/2 gallon of milk=1/2 gallon jar, 1 quart cream=1 quart jar)
  • Already have your own jars? No problem! Bring them to the delivery location and we will either fill them up for you or swap out!
  • If you ever want to stop getting milk in glass we will refund you for the jars and get them back.