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(I) Katrina Shippy am one of Todd and Cathy's daughters. My husband and I along with our young daughter are located in the beautiful Weiser valley near the mountains and pine trees!

Our sheep are 100% grass-fed, raised on a year round fresh water creek and abundant pasture. No chemicals or GMO's. Our sheep are raised with natural methods and we use our sheepdogs to rotate them from pasture to pasture and help us tend to them. This makes for very efficient low-stress stock handling which in turn makes them healthier and better tasting for you! 

Upholding as much as possible, every natural method, getting it from our ranch to your table to give you an amazing, healthy, tasty product!

We are excited to partner together with Provider Farms and bring you lamb! Lamb is one of my favorite meats and I love all the different ways you can prepare it and the uniqueness of the cuts. Plus, it is so good and healthy for you being a leaner meat! And it has such wonderful natural flavor!

Our mailing address is PO Box 803 Weiser Idaho 83672

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Shippy Ranch