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Quarter pork box

Quarter pork box

Wagon Wheel Farms
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Freezer ready, non gmo, milk fed pork! This simple method cuts out the hassle of deposits, cut sheets and waiting. Place your order and receive your quarter of pork on your next pickup. Buy one box at regular price and get each additional box in that order discounted $10. 

Our hogs are primarily a fifty percent  mangalitsa cross. The mangalitsa is a more heritage type breed and considered the “Kobe beef” of meat hogs. They are easy to pasture and are great mulch and compost turners. We are new to this cross and look forward to your feedback on the product.

The pork is raised by Wagon Wheel Farms - Provider Farms daughter Jessica and her husband Mark. We live just down the road from Provider Farms and employ many of the same practices. All our milk for the pigs comes from Provider Farms. We are enjoying the opportunity to begin farming with our own young family!

All sausage is msg free.

Package Contains:

Smoked Ham - 1

Small Chops - 5 (One large serving or 2 smaller servings per package.)

Smoked Bacon - 2

Ribs - 2 packages OR 1 roast

Steaks - 1 (2 per package)

Sausage - 6