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Half pork bulk deposit

Half pork bulk deposit

We are now working with butchers that offer no nitrate or nitrites in the curing process. MSG free sausage seasoning options are available . $100 deposit per half pig. We love our thick slicked bacon, pork chops, breakfast sausage and juicy ham, but best of all is knowing the healthy, happy hogs it came from! 


A half will weigh around 90 lbs hanging weight. It costs $3.75 per lb hanging weight, which equals $337.50 depending on the hanging weight of the pig. There is a $37.50 kill fee per half.

Processing the meat will take 2-3weeks depending on cut specifications. 

The cost of butchering will be about $130, which includes meat smoking, sausage, and all packaging. When your pork order is ready, we will notify you and deliver it to your pickup location.

Full payment to be made upon pickup. Cut choices and processing form will be sent to you upon deposit.