NEW Grass-fed local lamb is IN STOCK!!!

Grass-fed Lamb

Located in the beautiful Weiser valley of Idaho! Our sheep are 100% grass-fed, raised on a year round fresh water creek and abundant pasture. No chemicals or GMO's

Lamb Bones

5-10 lb package of bones
Avg. 2lb .

Lamb Loin Chops

4 chops per package
Avg. 1.2lb .

Lamb Rib Chops

4 chops per package
Avg. 1.3lb .

Lamb Liver

2 livers per package

Lamb Shoulder Chops

2 chops per package
Avg. 1.1lb .

Lamb Heart

3 lamb hearts

Lamb Steak

4 steaks per package
Avg. 2.36lb .
Avg. 2.46lb .

Lamb Burger

12-13 oz package
Avg. 1lb .
Avg. 2.5lb .

Leg of Lamb

Whole bone-in leg
Avg. 5.9lb .

Half Leg of Lamb

Half of a Leg of Lamb
Avg. 3.22lb .
Avg. 2.3lb .

Lamb Shanks

2 per package
Avg. 2.8lb .
Avg. 1lb .

Lamb Neck Steaks

2-4 per package
Avg. 1.5lb .
Our sheep are raised with natural methods and we use our sheepdogs to rotate them from pasture to pasture and help us tend to them. This makes for very efficient low-stress stock handling which in turn makes them healthier and better tasting for you!